Secondary School

“Children must be taught how to think and not what to think.”

Our secondary school focuses on preparing the students to face the challenges of the modern world. Our classroom curriculum addresses the children's social, physical, cultural and ethical development while giving them a strong foundation in all the major areas of knowledge.

We believe in teaching students to think for themselves, to develop their own opinions and to get excited about learning new things, even outside of the classroom. We ensure that our children master basic skills, develop the ability to analyse and think critically, and become computer literate. We also emphasise the development of self-discipline and good work habits. Students and teachers explore questions in all subject areas using an interactive, student-centred approach.

To enhance the communication skills among our children we are also offering online reading resources like Wordsworth Ell and also Tata Class Edge. Our classrooms are digitised which offers wide array of educational content as per the requirement of various grades. Our aim is to nurture students to be cooperative, inquisitive, expressive, and enterprising leaders for the future.

Believe us when
it comes to your children

Ensure a safe environment, listen actively, and guide kids to participate and ask questions.Celebrate their achievements, foster curiosity, and help them reach their full potential.

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