Together, we play, learn and grow.

The development of children during the first five years lays the foundation for all future learning, health and behaviour. A child’s mind is like a ball of clay and it needs to be unfolded with a lot of love and care.

Learning is caring, sharing and responding! Walk by our Kindergarten section and you will see thematic boards filled with colours that brings every form of life alive into the school. You can feel the vibrant colours, music and the joy of activity-based learning

Our preschool curriculum has been designed to ensure steady growth and promote all round skill development.

At MCGS we work with our children to sharpen their imagination, creativity, language development, intellectual development and academic development through play-based learning opportunities, guidance, and interactive engagements.

We provide a curriculum that enables holistic development of your child. Our teaching modules allow students to actually learn while having fun and is designed to sharpen their skills in writing, reading, speaking as well as thinking in a safe, secure and fun environment.

We focus on developing language as well as literacy skills. Children are provided with opportunities to express self, participate in conversations, ask questions and use their emerging reading skills as we strongly believe that language is one of the most important areas of child development.

Children engage in activities such as threading beads, puzzles, sorting, etc. which provide opportunities for hands-on reinforcement of concepts and skills.

Our littlest learners thrive in their new world, imbibing concepts in a safe, caring space, through imaginative, creative methods and hands-on learning. We also focus on developing life skills among our kids which include emotional maturity and social competencies such as general knowledge, cognitive ability and language.

We aim to provide smart, secure & stimulating pre-school learning environment for your child.

Believe us when
it comes to your children

Ensure a safe environment, listen actively, and guide kids to participate and ask questions.Celebrate their achievements, foster curiosity, and help them reach their full potential.

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