This storehouse of Knowledge in various forms has been given its right share and an entire building itself has been set aside as a library for the children to utilise the available resources arranged in the most accessible manner to create and cultivate the habit of acquiring and assimilating information in the form of Books, CD’s, Visuals, DVD’s etc.

This repository of books with its multi level floors and glass walls gives a feeling of space and light creating an inviting space for readers to browse through the various resources to their heart’s content or become immersed in serious research or study.

Sports Complex

It is a huge complex with ample space for the students to exercise freely and discover the sportsperson in themselves. area is open from all sides and leads one to various other sports facilities offered by the school.

The Sports infrastructure, equipment and separate playgrounds are all meant for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. The purpose of providing such infrastructure is to enhance a student’s focus on achieving excellence, joy of participation, recreation and overall physical fitness.

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